SUVs vs. Sedans – Is One Better Than the Other?

Sedans and SUVs are two of the most popular choices among car owners across the country, but which is best for your needs? Depending on everything from your daily commute to how many people you regularly have in your car, one vehicle may prove to be a better fit. While each has its own unique advantages, here’s a look at how sedans and SUVs stack up against each other.

Advantages of SUVs

  1. Space: One of the most obvious perks of an SUV is the sheer amount of space you get. Whether you need a vehicle to carry a lot of cargo or a few extra passengers, an SUV will give you the space you require.
  2. Capability: SUVs are a lot more capable than most sedans. All-wheel drive is a standard feature among modern SUVs, while many new sedans do not yet offer the capability. If you drive in bad weather frequently, an SUV may be the better choice for you.
  1. Visibility: When you are behind the wheel of an SUV, not only do you have better visibility, but you also get to enjoy a more elevated driving position. This helps you have a better view of the road and the vehicles around you.

Advantages of Sedans

  1. Safety: Sedans are usually safer than SUVs. Some SUVs are now getting safety features that were restricted to sedans in the past, but sedans still have more (and better) safety features as well as the added benefit of a closed trunk.
  1. Fuel economy: If you drive frequently, you’ll likely prefer a sedan over an SUV simply because sedans are more fuel-efficient. Pretty much all sedans come with a nifty, four-cylinder engine, which is more efficient than the powerful V-6 or V-8 engines that are found on SUVs.
  1. Drivability: Since sedans are not as top-heavy as SUVs, they are much easier to drive. Maneuvering through sharp corners is easier with a sedan, and parking is more convenient as well, making sedans the perfect choice for city driving.